Flashing & Upgrading Firmware on a SkyRouter

Starting with Release 4.02.00, Ctek offers two methods for updating the firmware on a SkyRouter. The existing method of installing binary updates with the SAM-BA programming tool is still being supported but you may now also choose to use the standard FTP client on your Windows or Linux computer to send an installer file to the SkyRouter. The following sections present more details on each method and provide links to updates, supporting documentation and release notes.

SkyRouter Series Binary Updates

A Binary Update is a complete nand flash file system image. It must be installed using the SAM-BA flash programming tool. The images posted here are standard Ctek branded configurations. If the device being reflashed contains additional features that were licensed after purchase, it will be necessary to reestablish those licenses after the reflashing. This can be done by connecting with the Ctek license server and following the same steps used to originally activate those licenses. If you are an OEM with custom branding or customer configurations, you will loose those custom attirbutes if you reflash your devices using these images. Please contact Ctek Support for the correct custom image. For more detail on using the SAM-BA flash tool to update your device, please refer to Tech Note 25. To download the current version of SAM-BA please proceed to the following section of this page.

Binary Firmware Update 4.02.02 Update 7

SAM-BA Programming Tool for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

To load binary firmware updates onto a SkyRouter, please download and use this tool:


SkyRouter Series Installer Updates

An Installer Update is a selective update of the file system. The update is installed by using the FTP client on your Windows or Linux computer. In order to use an Installer Update, your SkyRouter must be on release 4.01.07 or newer. If your device is running on an older release, you must use a Binary Update to upgrade it. Installer Updates posted here are Ctek branded. OEM branding will be lost and must be reinstalled. However any custom features or licensed applications will remain after the update is complete. Please refer to Tech Note 22 for complete instructions on performing an Installer Update.

Installer Firmware Update 4.02.02 Update 7 (See special instructions below)

SkyRouter Firmware Release Notes and Installation Procedures

4.02.02 Release Notes

Special instructions for Installer Firmware Update 4.02.02

Flash and Upgrade your SkyRouter's firmware
Set-up an Ubuntu development environment for the SkyRouter.
Set-up an Ubuntu development environment for the NetServer.