This tech note describes how to update the Sprint Preferred Roaming List (PRL) on a Series 4200 SkyRouter.
This tech note describes optional automated configuration facilities that have been implemented to simplify the configuration of SkyRouters in high volume production environments where the web based facilities might be less efficient. In addition special attention is given to the settings necessary to configure a SkyRouter on a network provided VPN service such as Sprint’s Datalink or those provided by various GSM MVNOs. These facilities will operate on all SkyRouter models, both CDMA and GSM.
This TechNote describes the SMS management commands available in Ctek’s SkyRouter products.
This TechNote describes the interaction of the SkyRouter’s TCP PAD Service with various methods of establishing inbound and outbound sessions. Also described are control options that are not available on the Administrative screens. Figure 1 below shows the SkyRouter TCP pad administrative screen and will be used throughout this document to indicate the various answer and originate mode settings.
This TechNote describes the options available to customize the User Interfaces on the Series 4100, 4200, and 4300, and 4400 SkyRouter. The ability to customize the User Interface was introduced in release 1.07. Earlier releases will not support this feature.