TN033 – Z4550 SkyRouter Automatic Configuration Facility

Z4550 SkyRouter Automatic Configuration Facility

Last Issue Date: August 8, 2015

Document Status: Current

See Also: TN013


Previous models of Ctek’s SkyRouter have provided an automatic configuration facility as documented in TN013. The Ctek 4550 provides a simplified facility that supports configuration of both the router and the radio. The major differences between the 4550 facilities and those of previous models arise from the fact that the 4550 contains a multi-carrier radio. The resulting differences are:

  1. It is now necessary for auto-configuration to ensure that the correct radio firmware is installed before configuring the wireless account information and router parameters.
  2. The method of creating the configuration file (radio.conf) is now based on the Backup/Restore utility resident on every 4550 SkyRouter.