Application Notes

Ctek's Irrigation Manager is a SkyRouter resident application program that controls the application of water through commercial and residential irrigation systems. The application maintains two daily schedules for up to 45 separate irrigation zones. The purpose of this Application Note is to provide the information necessary to configure and operate the application and interpret the reports and alarms issued.
Ctek's Automation Manager is an optional firmware application available for the Ctek Z4200/Z4400 series SkyRouter. It provides the logic and control necessary to create sophisticated automation applications that evaluate analog, digital, and pulse sensor inputs and, based on sensor inputs and programming logic control output devices. The Automation Manager also provides a simple, GUI based rapid development environment used to create and deploy applications using the Automation Manager
Ctek’s SMS Gateway application provides an out-of-band (SMS) communications path for intelligent end-point controllers such as PLCs and custom industrial control solutions. The SMS Gateway application works in tandem with the standard communications capabilities of the SkyRouter during normal operation to determine the health of the bearer channel (network IP connection) and reacts to bearer channel failures by routing controller messages over the SMS network to a far end server. As an added benefit the SMS Gateway application makes controller information available to a conventional wireless handset upon request.
Ctek’s XML interface provides read/write access to internal parameters/settings found within the Ctek SkyRouter product line. It also supports the remote execution of programs resident on the SkyRouter. The interface is defined as a hierarchy of resource identifiers within which each level qualifies access to successively lower levels. The XML interface is useful to remotely access SkyRouter resources, or as a building block for applications and higher level protocols.
Ctek’s TCP to SMS Protocol Converter application is a SkyRouter application that accepts a properly formatted TCP message on any TCP port, converts it to a SMS message and transmits it to a specified SMS terminal address (MSISDN/MDN). The application includes a mechanism to acknowledge the successful transmission of an individual message from the SkyRouter onto the wireless network.
Ctek’s Dual-Mode GPS application is a general purpose GPS application that can be installed on any Ctek SkyRouter. When installed the application is administered from the SkyRouter’s Application environment using a web browser. The application operates with the internal GPS capabilities of the M and Z Series models 4200 and 4400 as well as an external GPS unit on all SkyRouters. The Dual-Mode GPS application takes its name from its ability to simultaneously update an AVL server application and a client application such as Microsoft’s Streets and Trips or DeLorme.
This application note is intended to be used by personnel with a working knowledge of IPsec set up procedures on the equipment to be used for a far end gateway. This is not an IPsec tutorial.
This application note describes configuration and operation of those TCOPlus features having a graphical user interface accessed through the main SkyRouter menu with the exception of the PowerMinder feature which is described in TN020.